We’ve all heard about some of the miraculous ways that Cannabidiol (or CBD) oil can help in the medical field. The cannabinoid has famously been linked to the alleviation of seizures and more recently has been associated with reducing anxiety and pain in patients.

CBD has some pretty amazing attributes… especially when it comes to the symptoms of a hangover. It’s known to reduce inflammation, help with chronic pain, and has been shown to reduce nausea in some individuals.

While there haven’t been too many studies that look into the effects of CBD on excess alcohol consumption, a 2013 cannabis study performed on lab rats did take a look to see if CBD could alleviate alcohol’s toxic effects.

The rats were given enough alcohol that caused life-threatening seizures as a result of extreme neuro-degeneration (think killing brain cells, something that happens when we drink to excess). CBD was applied to the rat’s skin. This transdermal skin application using cannabis decreased neurodegeneration by close to 50%. The rats that took CBD lost half as many brain cells as the rats that didn’t.

Mice are not men, but this study might show some promise when it comes to mitigating the effects of that hangover.


But Hangovers?

Black coffee, a greasy breakfast, and a LOT of sleep are traditional ways of “curing” a hangover, but can CBD help in this department? If so, what role can it play in helping with hangovers? Hangovers are certainly not very pleasant.

The headaches, drowsiness, dehydration, extreme fatigue, nausea, and general malaise that typically accompanies hangovers make us swear to ourselves that we’ll never drink again. But in addition to popping some ibuprofen and chugging water all day, CBD might play a role in helping hangovers subside a lot faster.

How Can CBD Oil Help With Hangovers?

If you’ve ever had a hangover, then you’re likely familiar with all the nasty side effects that typically come with it. Here are some ways that CBD oil may be able to target some of these symptoms to help you get over your hangover a lot faster.


Nausea is often a highly unpleasant side effect of hangovers, and CBD oil has been shown to alleviate this symptom. The non-psychotropic cannabinoids interact with serotonin receptors, and when consumed in specific doses, it has been shown to reduce both nausea and vomiting.

It can be tough to eat or drink anything when experiencing nausea, which can cause a hangover to drag out even longer. Rehydrating the body after drinking too much alcohol is important to start feeling better, but it can be tough to keep anything down when you’re feeling nauseous. With CBD oil, however, nausea can subside faster, making it easier to drink more water.

Liver Damage

CBD may also play a role in minimizing any damage done to the liver from consuming large amounts of alcohol. More specifically, studies have shown that CBD may be able to reduce the degeneration of the liver as a result of alcohol consumption in half. CBD is a potent antioxidant and neuro-protectant which can help to repair cells that alcohol consumption may have damaged.


Anyone who’s ever had a little too much to drink knows all too well how a headache can quickly ensue. Headaches are predominantly the result of the body’s inflammatory response that is triggered as a result of too much alcohol. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can thereby help to reduce the effects of headaches by alleviating inflammation in the body.

Impaired Motor and Cognitive Functioning

Having too much alcohol in the system can cause a person to lose motor control and cognitive function. Brain fog, blurred vision, and lack of motor control are all common side effects of drinking too much alcohol.

CBD may be able to have a positive effect on improving cognitive function after a hangover, given its association with restored cognition in several studies of impairment. That said, further studies are needed to solidify this link.


CBD Oil: A Hangover Cure?

The next time you’ve had a few too many alcoholic beverages and wake up with a hangover, you’ll certainly want to rehydrate and drink plenty of water, and maybe even take ibuprofen or two (2). But there might be another remedy that you may want to add to your hangover cure: CBD oil.

Thanks to its medicinal properties and its ability to ward off inflammation, CBD oil could be a viable way to treat your hangover and get over your uncomfortable symptoms much faster.

Let us know what you think.