marijuana grow roomWhen you are installing air intake and exhaust fans when setting it up. Security concerns dictate that no light or odor escapes from the exterior vent while allowing sufficient air release.

Not only light and odors can give you away, but a few other things as well. If you have fans running loudly or vibrating this is a dead giveaway.

You can solve these issues by oiling or replacing the fan, or attaching a rubber pad or springs to the fan to eliminate vibrations. Fans that are constantly running can be a giveaway of your grow; add a timer to it so it kicks on when needed or only during parts of the day/night.


Ventilating Marijuana Grow Room Outdoors

cannabis grow roomAnother common mistake made by people is that the area that they are venting out, usually in the dead of winter is packed with snow and will completely melt with heat exhaust visibly showing.

If you are venting outdoors, be sure that the exhaust will not be obvious, especially in the dead of winter. If you are venting hot air outdoors, it is always best to use a type of air filter to remove odors from the air in your marijuana grow room, like a carbon filter, this will reduce your risks when venting outdoors, by not allowing the air to smell.

If you don’t have a filter or can’t get one, you need to be cautious about how you set up your ventilation. If you have a filter that will remove odors from the air, you can set up an easy ventilation system that attaches the filter to ducting that goes up and connects to a dryer duct and is ventilated outside (given that it won’t be obvious).

If there is no dryer duct, or it’s being used, you can simply cut another hole out and install a duct vent outside your marijuana grow room. Be sure that the CFMs of the fan aren’t too powerful and blow off the cover or make loud noises.

Some people set up systems that are connected to a dryer duct on one end, while the other end of the duct is outdoors then stretched the duct high enough outside to be over peoples’ heads.

Most of the time over 12 feet, to allow the odor to dissipate before reaching a person then they camouflage it using a dryer hose outlet that is attached to a vent fan to vent out hot air and humidity. The problem with this is that it sometimes can be obvious and odors are released outdoors.

Other Options For Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation

indoor marijuana grow roomIf you have a chimney you can vent through, that would be the best, but make sure no light is able to escape through since it will be a “shining beacon of a growing operation“… giving yourself away.

If you have no chimney to vent through, the next best option would be to be able to extend a duct from the marijuana grow room and run the exhaust duct straight into the ceiling or up in the attic.

Doing this will remove the heat, while the exhaust from your attic will expel it high above people’s heads and be able to hopefully dissipate before reaching head height.

If any odors are released outdoors from your marijuana grow room, a person may or may not smell them, but a dog will be able to clearly know and realize what the smell/odor is. Be sure to set ventilation systems up properly and when using filters, make sure the filters are replaced before they expire and go out; there will be no odor control when they do go out.

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