Dell joined the likes of IBM and Microsoft in showcasing what their proprietary tech could do for the future of learning. In their post, VP of Experience Design, Ed Boyd, claims the “real breakthrough will be in personalized learning”.

This concept has existed on record since the 1940sfd, its current understanding can be traced to research as back as 2006 with the concept of “Personal Learning Environments” (or PLEs). How does Dell push this idea forward? Boyd describes the classroom teacher with his one-size-fits-all approach that “reality dictates”.

Next, he proposes a “digital assistant”, that assigns materials to employees according to their skill on a given subject. The spin comes when he incorporates the cloud, turning the assistant into an interface, which could make “each educator ten times more effective”. How exactly?

Again, Boyd describes:

“It could “read” an employee’s progress and automatically personalize the extra work a cannabis industry employee needs to excel, irrespective of their level of achievement. This way, the real cannabis trainers can reach and teach more, and employees can get more. And the quality of cannabis training is also improved because the Assistant could inform the instructor in real-time when employees are struggling to understand and give them the awareness so they can circle back and reinforce the material that employees learn.”

Digitally Assisted Cannabis Industry Training

Boyd ends the post by affirming that digitally assisted cannabis industry learning has already shown benefits in employee achievement, retention, and dropout rates. He does not offer any figures or evidence. A further illustration of Dell’s inventiveness is available in the video.

It adds Augmented Reality to adaptive learning, mentoring, note comparing, prototyping, and other learning support tools. Elements that already exist, just not as visually compelling. The hardware that enables all the learning in the video is a proof of concept at this time.

There are open-source initiatives that prevent the silos in which private entities fall. Corporations thrive in finding solutions to the same problems decade after decade. Moodle and open-source initiatives are tasked with breaking this cycle. Building upon existing architectures with pedagogical evidence is the way forward in learning tech for global impact.

With its latest acquisition, Dell\EMC is the leader in the cloud server and storage market, according to revenue and market share data by IDC. Including the merger, its rate of growth is lower than that of HP and Cisco, who follow Dell in the ranking, as well as the industry averages.

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