The vaping craze took the world by storm and caused a lot of fuss! It is one of the hippest trends and many people have started to use e-cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco ones.

The same thing goes with cannabis usage, as many users have walked away from traditionally rolling up a joint to using a vape pen to get high. What are the differences?

Does vaping hold any actual health benefits as opposed to traditional smoking? The differences are many and for the sake of our analysis, we will solely concentrate on the difference in cannabis usage. The things that instantly come to mind are the health factors of cannabis usage between these two methods.

Moreover, many other differences need to be taken into account. Maintenance is an important factor as well as privacy. Taking all these things into account, let’s see what are some advantages and disadvantages of smoking and vaping cannabis!


Health Concerns

Let’s get one thing straight, there are numerous medical benefits of cannabis usage already established. However, an important difference maker is the way one uses it.

Both smoking and vaping cannabis come with health concerns as in either case harmful substances are released. Particularly with smoking, burning the content releases many carcinogenic substances and is equally as bad as smoking a cigarette.

Additionally, holding your breath while smoking cannabis can lead to certain lung diseases. On the other hand, vaping is much safer as it does not produce any tar. However, it comes with numerous troubling health scares.

First of all, it can cause bronchial spasms so people who are suffering from asthma are advised not to use it. Secondly, even though tar is not produced there are other potentially cancerogenic chemicals released when vaping.

What Are Some Maintenance Issues?

There is not a lot to explain when it comes to rolling up a joint and maintenance. You just need some paper, some cannabis, and a little bit of skill to get the job done. Throw away the rest of it once you’re done and enjoy. It is as easy as that.

However, it is a completely different can of beans when it comes to vaping. Depending on the device you use, you have to clean it and take care of it regularly. Not only that, if you are not using any cannabis oil you have to grind the cannabis to use it in a vaper.

And there is also the case of the battery. Unless you want to look for a place to plug in everywhere you go, you need to make sure that your battery is fully charged at all times.


Privacy Concerns

One of the biggest differences between smoking and vaping cannabis is, of course, privacy. Many people take this issue seriously as cannabis is still illegal in many places.

Thus, smoking a joint in public is a big no, no. Your behavior and the smell can alarm a bunch of people and lead to some unwanted situations with the authorities. On the opposite end, vaping is pretty discreet.

Vaping does not give off the smell as smoking does and everybody may assume that you are using nicotine. Depending on your behavior, that is.


The Verdict

So what is the verdict in the end? Both smoking and vaping come with their pros and cons, there is some technical knowledge” needed to vape cannabis or whether it is the convenience of how you use it or privacy.

The fact remains that smoking cannabis comes with numerous beneficial health factors and many smoking statistics prove so.

On the opposite end, there have been seven (7) reported deaths caused by vaping and 380 confirmed and alleged cases of respiratory illnesses caused directly by vaping. The choice is yours to make alone!

Let us know what you think.