cannabis fertilizers

Many companies manufacture chemical fertilizers and the diversity of hydroponic fertilizers is astounding. If you are unsure about which type to purchase then talk with the salesperson at the grow store and they would be glad to help you out.

Water soluble-chemical fertilizers are excellent for indoor container cultivation and hydroponics systems. These are easy to apply since they can be controlled easily and are easy to use if you need to wash out or leach your soil for any reason.

Always avoid low-cost fertilizers since the fertilizers are worth their value for a productive harvest that also tastes well. Using high-quality hydroponic fertilizers with soluble food-grade nutrients is the best way to go.

Chemical granular fertilizers work well but can be over-applied very easily and create toxic soil for your plants. They are also very hard, if not impossible, to reach out fast enough to be able to save a plant.


Organic Cannabis Fertilizers

Cannabis that is organically grown usually has a sweeter taste, but growing organic indoor gardens requires horticultural knowledge and experience, it is not the best idea to try out if this is your first time gardening.

Growing organic cannabis outdoors is much easier to cultivate because you have nature’s assistance in growing. Most indoor organic gardens use potting soil, but it is possible to use other systems and media to grow organically.

Organic nutrients work well to increase soil nutrient content, such organic nutrients that can be added to soil include:

  • Manure
  • Worm castings
  • Blood/bone meal
  • Fish emulsion
  • Many more

Many indoor gardens that grow organically use raised beds. Raised garden beds have enough soil to hold nutrients well, promote organic activity within the bed and when they are managed appropriately ensure a perpetual supply of nutrients. For biological activity to occur in the soil, the soil must have a large mass that stays warm.

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