Indoor Marijuana Grow Room Tips

marijuana grow room

The best marijuana indoor grow rooms in a house are in the basement in an obscure corner.

Having a marijuana grow room in the basement provides an ambient temperature that is easy to maintain due to the natural insulation of the soil and concrete walls.

The marijuana grows room should have some type of a secret doorway through a closet/shelves or just be a room in the basement with a closed door. Another growing area of the building that you can use is an open attic space to build a room.

One major problem with using an attic garden is the heat that builds up through the hot summer days. Other problems that can occur if you are using an attic growing space are possible water leaks, carrying all water and nutrients up to the attic space.

The worst growing areas on a property are outbuildings, garages, and barns that are not attached to the home. But, the security of your marijuana grow room is easier to maintain if it is within the home. Though law enforcement cannot use an electricity bill as sole grounds for a search warrant, they can use it along with other ‘evidence’ that they can gather against you.

Indoor Temperatures & Cultivation Ventilation

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Such evidence can include remnants of growing materials left outdoors, thermal imaging of your house’s heat signature, testimonies from people, and other evidence that can secure a search warrant. The size of the marijuana growing area will dictate how many lights and plants you will be able to fit into the area.

Marijuana grows in rooms that do not allow for heat to be ventilated from the lights will greatly reduce the number of lights and/or type of lights that you will are to use. The planning stage for designing a marijuana grow room needs to be thought out very thoroughly to be able to set everything up right the first time to create a controllable environment.

The most productive indoor marijuana grows to utilize a minimum of two (2) rooms for growing. The first (1st) room is for mothers, cloning, and vegetative growth while the second (2nd) room is for blooming.

With a marijuana grow room having both a vegetative growth area and blooming area growers can have up to five harvests a year with a marijuana variety that blooms in eight (8) weeks.

Grow rooms that utilize a single room for vegging and blooming of all plants will tend to produce fewer harvests per year unless you can utilize growing tents in the room to keep the vegetative light away from the blooming plants.

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