Many times a cannabis grower tells/shows people what they are doing…this is a BIG no-no, so don’t do it! Police love to reward people for implicating growers in what they do so it can be anyone who may be jealous or hateful vindictive friends, family, lovers, or citizens.

Law enforcement will interrogate and intimidate your “friend” into giving away the information that they know so be sure never to visit or call other growers. If you ever go into another person’s marijuana grow then you can be just as implicated if that person was to get busted.

Never set a trap of any kind to protect your grow or have firearms in your house. By using traps, they can cause more issues and problems with people as well as law enforcement.

It is better to have a guard dog to keep unwanted people away from your cannabis garden and house than a trap. In many countries, law enforcement must attain a search warrant to enter your house and use infrared or thermal imaging devices against you 1st.

If they have a search warrant to do so then they are within the law to search and spy on you. If you are suspected of growing then any bank accounts, investments, property, etc. under your name are forfeit if you are within the United States.

Having a readily available answer to any questions on suspicious electrical consumption is always a good strategy to be prepared for as part of your cannabis security plans. Such answers could be that you use electrical welders, power tools, a hot tub, several fish tanks, etc.

Law Enforcement Technologies

Cannabis Security

With the technology that is now readily available to law enforcement:

  • Use phone taps
  • Bugging devices
  • Hearing devices
  • Infrared devices to hear and see
  • Anything else you can think of…

With a subpoena, law enforcement will be able to attain all phone records, internet searches, and electrical use records against you. Using pre-paid cell phones (replacing them constantly) and pay phones you can reduce their ability to track what is happening.

In many cases, cops use trained drug dogs to sniff out marijuana around houses and cars. Be sure to keep odors and remnants clear of discovery as part of your cannabis security plan. Many times there are suspecting people or lazy police that will watch and follow you.

They will track and record your every movement from the house to the grow store to the hydroponics/hardware store and then back. Just waiting to find what they need to turn you in so have a purpose for everything you do.

When purchasing items that you need for your grow operation, you will want to use cash because it is untraceable so you have no trails of who, what, when, and where items came from.

When purchasing items over the internet/phone, you will want to use a money order and an address that is “safe” and does not give away your residence or place of growth for the best cannabis security.

In the United States officials search for shipping records of items to find probable cause and then investigate you for even more evidence. Be sure to remove items from your car under the cover of darkness or better yet, inside of a garage to avoid detection for cannabis security.

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