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A Ganjier would be someone who is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the art, science, and appreciation of cannabis. They would have a deep understanding of the different strains, growing methods, and consumption methods of cannabis. They would also be able to provide information on the effects, benefits, and potential risks of consuming cannabis. To become a Ganjier, one would likely need to undergo extensive training and education in the cannabis industry.

This could include studying the biology and chemistry of cannabis, learning about different growing methods, and understanding the legal and regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry. In addition, a Ganjier would also need to develop their palate for cannabis, much like a sommelier does with wine, to be able to distinguish the different flavors, aromas, and effects of different strains of cannabis. They would have to have knowledge of the history of cannabis and the cultural significance of the plant.

A Ganjier would also need to develop strong communication and customer service skills, in order to be able to educate and advise customers on the best strains and consumption methods for their specific needs. In conclusion, a Ganjier is a hypothetical profession that specializes in the art, science, and appreciation of cannabis that an unofficial term for a budtender, grower, or any other cannabis professional that has a mastery of the product like a cannabis sommelier.

These Ganjiers are fountains of knowledge about aromatic profiles of strains, which food and drinks taste better with which strain, and so much more.  Just as the wine, cheese, beer, chocolate, and cigar industries have highly-trained, certified experts qualified to distinguish the nuanced qualities of their respective products, the burgeoning cannabis industry is in dire need of its own class of educated and certified professionals that help consumers find and enjoy products that exceed their expectations.

As the cannabis industry develops, many elements of wine classification, like appellations, terroir, and typicity will carry over into cannabis because flower from an outdoor farm in California is completely different from flower produced in a massive indoor operation in Colorado.

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