Think of a problem your dispensary employees are facing at work right now. It could be handling a difficult customer, closing a sale, learning the rungs of leadership, and the list could go on. As you are learning the ropes of entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, you or your employees likely get stuck with teething problems.

To overcome these problems, your employees need to be trained so that they take the right measures to help your cannabis business. The only way to grow your business is through continuous cannabis training; train yourself, your employees, customers, and business channel partners.

However, as an entrepreneur who has just launched a cannabis business, training is probably the last thing on your mind as you cannot afford a full-fledged cannabis training program, be it for yourself or your cannabis industry employees. You could consider eLearning as the answer to your training dilemma. Here are 5 reasons for cannabis businesses to consider eLearning solutions…


1. Onboarding New Employees

Employees in the cannabis industry are the most important asset of any business. Hiring that first set of employees to join your team is an exciting prospect but what’s more important is getting these new hires integrated into your cannabis business quickly.

In a startup, founders are hard-pressed for time, but that does not mean they can postpone training new hires on the company’s values, its policies, and business processes. Regardless of whether you have 5 or 25 new hires, eLearning solutions make it possible to train them at any time, without disturbing the normal workflow.

Also, when you are ramping up your workforce, investing in new hire onboarding every time is an expense that you wouldn’t want. eLearning solutions make onboarding training cost-effective for the cannabis industry.


2. Imparting Skills Training

In a business, cannabis industry employees can find themselves juggling different responsibilities, and training often takes a backseat.

But the #1 rule to be followed by all cannabis businesses is building employee engagement, and to do this, imparting training on new skills needs to be a priority.

From time to time, employees in the cannabis industry will find themselves in unfamiliar waters, and it becomes the organization’s responsibility to prepare its employees to handle additional responsibilities. Cannabis Industry eLearning solutions are not hard to administer nor are they expensive.

Training employees on business processes is a necessity for cannabis businesses and this can be done by adopting technology in the form of eLearning solutions.

3. Staying Compliant

As compliance laws become increasingly stringent, dealing with compliance issues can be an unpleasant experience for the cannabis industry. The most common reason for non-compliance is a lack of awareness. According to research that analyzed 101 reasons for failure in business, non-compliance emerged among the top 20 reasons.

Training employees to stay compliant is not an easy task but eLearning solutions can be used to address this challenge effectively. Online compliance training can be customized to suit the requirements of your cannabis business.

It can be made interactive and facilitate information retention. Most importantly, rules and regulations are often updated, and an eLearning solution makes it easier to update content.


4. Training Customers And Channel Partners

Training is critical not only for employees but also essential to keep channel partners, customers, resellers, and vendors “in the know“. You can introduce customers to new product ideas and leverage information gathered from surveys and quizzes to communicate effectively with them.

As a cannabis business, you will also have to look for a Learning Management System (LMS) to host and distribute your eLearning courses. Use the reporting capabilities of the LMS to extract data that lets you target relevant customer segments for additional cannabis training and communication.

Cannabis businesses that are following a channel partnership strategy will benefit from eLearning solutions. You can use eLearning courses to help your partners better understand the value of your products and thereby propel sales.


5. Motivating Teams

Employees in a cannabis business are often required to put in longer working hours than normal and yet remain innovative and creative. This can leave employees mentally and physically drained. Keeping the team motivated is one way to boost employee retention. When you offer training to employees, it indicates that you value them and their contributions.

A cash crunch does not have to stop the cannabis industry from rolling out training programs to employees as it is easy to switch to cost-effective eLearning solutions. You could seek the expertise of an eLearning vendor who can recommend budget-friendly solutions to help employees progress in their careers.

Just as you need loyal customers to build your business, you need loyal employees as well. eLearning empowers employees to deliver their best and fosters a learning culture. You may soon outgrow the office space where you set up the cannabis business but will not outgrow the eLearning solution.

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