How To Grow Cannabis, Like a CHAMP!

Cannabis Seeds

There are many advantages to growing cannabis yourself because it puts you in control, so you can cultivate your strains with the right nutrition. Furthermore, you can always be sure that the product which you cultivate is of the highest quality possible.

Growing marijuana has multiple advantages if you need it for medical purposes since you know exactly what you are smoking. It also allows continuous, uninterrupted supply and it is much cheaper than buying it from some other source.


Cannabis Seeds

Like with any other plant, the process starts by choosing the seeds and if you wish highest quality seeds then you will have to pay extra. This is another advantage when you grow cannabis yourself; you can choose whether you want to grow economically or opt to cultivate premium quality.

Also, another thing to have in mind is that different seeds should be used for indoor or outdoor growing…different strains can handle different climates. First of all, if you do not have your seeds, you should try to get some quality clones.

Using clones will take less time to grow cannabis since the plant has already started growing by that time. Environmental factors such as light and nutrients can pose too much stress so you will have to pay attention when growing cannabis.

Nowadays, it is fairly simple to get good types of cannabis seeds through the Internet and you will find companies that will ship all over the world. If you buy cannabis seeds, they should be kept in a refrigerator until you plant them to prolong their longevity so you can have them ready to start the growing process.


Outdoor OR Indoor Cannabis Growing?

growing cannabis

When it comes to indoor growing, the first thing that you have to ask yourself is “how must cannabis grow,” whether you are using marijuana for personal or commercial purposes.

Based on the answer, the amount of money and space required can change drastically so you should be realistic. Depending on available space, you can determine what your yield potential is, you can use any room in your house:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Other free rooms
  • Grow anywhere in a tent or cabinet

Space should be closed off so you can have maximum control over the process of indoor growing because outdoor growing is out of your control. Environmental conditions can have a positive or a negative effect on your yield, but this also means that you can grow cannabis at lower costs.

The nice thing about growing outdoors is that lighting (which you will need for indoor growing) is completely free and it allows natural growth.


Temperature Indoors

Next, we have to consider environmental conditions, temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 – 28 C) is perfect for this plant. Any other temperature can hinder its growth.


Growing Cannabis IndoorsIn/Out-Door Lighting

Depending on whether you wish to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, the plant will be either exposed to artificial or natural light. Basically, in vegetative growth, cannabis needs 16 – 20 hours of light and 4 – 8 hours of darkness for a cannabis garden.

And during the flowering stages of growth, you will need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to replicate the fall season conditions.


Ventilation Indoors

Ventilation is something that needs to be considered when growing indoors, you will need to learn about proper ventilation allows the plant to receive enough carbon dioxide (CO2). Also, if you increase the amount of carbon dioxide it will boost your cannabis crop yield and proper ventilation eliminates odors coming from the plant.


Watering Cannabis

Like any other plant, marijuana requires a lot of water to survive. If you have too little your cannabis garden will start withering away, but on the other hand, excess water can kill it. watering cannabis Numerous factors impact your plant’s water requirement such as:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Size/Mass
  • Plant Age
  • Growth Stages
  • Retain Water

Have in mind that natural water (rain, well water, spring water, etc.) is much better than tap water which can hurt plant growth.

Proper Nutrients

Marijuana is not a needy plant. You can easily grow it even if the soil is not particularly rich since it will generally have the required nutrient for your plants.

But, during the last weeks of growing plants (when you are in bloom), you will have to provide some additional nutrients. Liquid nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plant, the three (3) main nutrients you will need to grow cannabis are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

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