Sinsemilla Females Vs. Seeded Males


Female sinsemilla flowers are fully mature after being in a 12/12 – Day/Night cycle within 6 – 12 weeks depending on which variety it is. It is around this time that your flowers have hit their peak THC production.

Many of the lower branches on the female plant often do not have a whole lot of natural sunlight, having less light; these buds on the lower branches will often be smaller, and less frosted with THC resin.

Indica plants reach full maturity weeks before sativa cannabis plants will and hybrids will be in between the two. As female plants ripen their pistils turn from white or pink to brownish or brownish-red when they are fully mature.


Male Cannabis Seeded Harvest

Male Cannabis

With male plants being able to produce pollen as early as two (2) weeks into the flowering stage, you must be careful to make sure they don’t pollinate your female crop.

Having a separate room to bloom male plants in is a good idea to help prevent pollination from occurring. Once a male plant’s flowers are visible, but not yet open the THC production is at its peak levels.

This is the opportune time to harvest all of the females. Once the males begin to release all of their pollen the degradation process starts for the females, this speeds up and flowers fall.

Be careful when working with females that are around males so you don’t brush up against one the other. You will want to take the females first then the males after.

You may be able to prolong your male harvest by removing all male pre-flowers with tweezers as they appear. When the time comes to harvest the males cut off all branches.

Female Sinsemilla Trichomes

Trichomes are the ‘plant hairs’ on the buds. These trichomes found on marijuana are glandular and secretory with the main stock that has a small resin head.

Trichomes look much like a post with a knob at the top. These resinous trichomes form on buds and small leaves near the buds. Female flowers are best to harvest when half (50 percent) of the trichomes have turned into a milky creamy translucent color for the best ripeness.

Harvesting Cannabis Step-By-Step

  1. cannabis harvestThe first step to harvesting your female flowers is to stop fertilizing about 7 – 10 days before your harvest.
  2. Next, you will want to apply a cleaning solution that will help to assist in the flushing of the fertilizers within the plant that is followed up by watering up until two (2) days before harvesting, leaving the last two (2) days to allow the plant to begin to dry out.
  3. The second step in the process is if sprays (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) have been applied during the last week (which is not recommended) by misting or hand washing the plants’ leaves of these spray residues.
  4. The third step in the harvesting process is that you can give our plants 24 hours of total darkness before you harvest.
  5. The next step in the harvesting process is that you will want to harvest in the early morning when the THC content is at its peak by cutting down the plant near its base.
  6. The fifth step in the harvesting process is that some people will hang the plants to dry before manicuring the buds since it is convenient for drying, but very tedious and messy to a manicure when tried.
  7. Step six in the harvesting process is to harvest either the entire plant at once and/or harvest them one (1) branch at a time or over several days.


In This Process Of Harvesting Cannabis

  • cannabis harvestingYou will remove the large leaves one (1) to two (2) days before you harvest the plants, which makes the harvesting day easier to do.
  • When harvest day arrives you will cut the plants down at the base before manicuring the buds or you can cut the branches off of the plant.
  • Cut the branches off the cannabis plant one (1) at a time in cuttings of 6 – 24 inches to make it easier to a manicure.
  • You will then manicure the buds either by trimming them away with scissors, or hand-held electric trimmers or removing the buds from the branches and running them through a larger, electric trimmer.
  • The buds and the trimmings will be ready for drying and curing.

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