“How do you grow marijuana” is becoming a common question. Marijuana is grown indoors and outdoors and around the world in many climates. Marijuana requires an abundant amount of outdoor sun or artificial light indoors to grow healthy.

Growing medical marijuana is becoming increasingly common in states throughout the United States and countries around the world as laws allow patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Even Wikipedia’s cannabis cultivation page “presents common techniques and facts regarding the cultivation of the flowering plant cannabis, primarily for the production and consumption of marijuana flowers.”

Before you start growing medical marijuana you will want to check the legislation and figure out what’s within the law for your state, otherwise, there are a few basic things you should know about growing cannabis when you first start. Here are some tips to help you avoid some first-time mistakes growing medical marijuana.


Growing Equipment

To grow the best medical marijuana product possible, you’ll need the right supplies. New growers frequently commit themselves to unrealistic and expensive first grows. It is much more efficient to learn to grow and purchase more equipment as you gain more experience, rather than invest in high-end equipment in the beginning.

Remember, the K-I-S-S Method: “Keep It Simple Stupid”


growing medical marijuanaWatering and Nutrition

Overfeeding nutrients is extremely common for beginners growing medical marijuana. When all else fails, follow the directions on the nutrition label. Watering is very important for plants. Overwatering kills marijuana plants. A marijuana plant should not have wet soil, only moist one.

Before you water your soil, measure how dry or wet it is. To promote healthy growth remember to regularly water your marijuana plant once the top few inches of the soil dry out.


Starting With Seeds/Clones

As for people who are first-timers in growing medical marijuana, it is advisable for you to start with seeds and not with clones. If you start with marijuana clones, you will then set yourself early on with the problem of bug infestation. NEVER grow seeds from a seeded marijuana plant (hermaphrodite seeds) unless you are prepared for possible disappointments.

This is the #1 reason why people buy marijuana seeds from seed banks. Whether you start from seeds or clones, you decide to choose which method you prefer to use and what resources you have available to start growing medical marijuana.

Good Plant Environment

Marijuana grown outdoors should be planted in a location that receives at least eight hours of sun each day. Areas that get early morning and afternoon sunlight are the best. If you’re growing marijuana indoors, location is very important in growing medical marijuana.

You will need to either find a place that gets a lot of sunlight (ex. greenhouses) or invest in some grow lights to ensure that your plants get the appropriate amount of light. Longtime marijuana growers will advise that the basement is the perfect place to grow your plant because managing the temperature will be easier.

However, as long as you can control the humidity, temperature, and ventilation of your location, you can start growing medical marijuana on your own far from a basement.


Growing Marijuana With Soil & Hydroponics

Marijuana can grow directly from the soil or through a system called hydroponics. Hydroponics is harder to over water than soil, due to the abundance of oxygen around the roots. If you choose to grow in soil, it will be best to prepare a pot with fertile soil.

Clean the pot then start peat moss filling the pot’s bottom area, but make sure to fill it to about an inch as it will help in draining off the buildup of any nutrients. You can now start filling the pot with some fine soil.

Both are good methods but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider what will best work for you and your location before choosing a system for growing medical marijuana.

So, how do you grow marijuana? There are still many things you have to consider before growing medical marijuana.

Depending on what type of results you are looking for, you can use elaborate lighting and watering systems to grow marijuana, although it is not necessary to grow marijuana. As long as the plants get enough light, are planted ingood-qualityy soil, and are watered regularly, they will likely flourish.

Lastly, don’t ever tell anyone about growing medical marijuana that does not need to know. How can you expect anybody else to keep a secret that you cannot keep? To thoroughly understand everything to make your first-time planting successful, you may want to consider avoiding many of these first-time mistakes.

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