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Security with guerrilla growing is the number one (#1) concern. By choosing a good site, you can have better security by not making your garden the focal point of the area where it is located.

Gardens that are planted on public lands risk being detected by forest rangers, hikers, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts so avoid these areas at all costs. If you place your garden out and away from everything, with no trail leading to it then your garden will be safer.

If you have to drive or bike to your location, be sure to park your vehicle in a discreet place away from the trailhead leading to your garden. Be sure to have a believable story for why you are hiking in the area if you are stopped and questioned as to why you are in the area.

A few believable stories can be that you are hiking, bird watching, fishing, photography, etc. If you use one of these stories be sure that you have the items you can use to prove this like having a camera (with pictures), fishing pole, binoculars, etc. on you or in your backpack.

Many times guerrilla growers will go to their gardens in the early morning or late afternoon when people are out and about then return when the sun is setting. If you are visiting your garden in the early morning or late afternoon keep a flashlight with a changeable red or green lens so you will be able to make your way around in the dark.

When going to your garden be sure to turn off or set your cell phone to vibrate. You may choose to use a walkie-talkie, make certain you turn this off as well so you are not heard or tracked when you are in your garden.

Hidden Cannabis Gardens


When visiting your garden it is best to take a different path to your garden every time so you prevent making a distinguishable path directly to your garden. Walking on rocks, logs and stream beds will help to remove any tracks in your path.

Stepping on plants, sticks and other foliage will create an obvious trail. To create more foliage along your path you can fertilize the area so vegetative growth increases and better hides your trails.

You can prevent your shoe prints from being recognized by their style, size, and patterns by having them covered in duct tape. Though having duct tape on the bottom of your shoes looks a little weird and obvious.

If your crop is ever busted and your shoe prints are identifiable then that evidence will be used against you. When you are guerrilla growing you will be bringing up parts and supplies for your garden one hike at a time, slowly stocking up on your supplies.

When you are bringing supplies to your guerrilla garden, you will need to camouflage everything to not be seen or found by hikers or people from the sky. Many guerrilla growers use olive barrels or other plastic containers to hold supplies used in the guerrilla grow and place them under bushes or on the ground.

You can most easily camouflage your plants by having them planted in areas where lush green foliage grows. To further camouflage your plants you can use bending, pruning, and splitting methods.

By bending your plants you can lower the height of your plants drastically and bring them closer to the ground. Pruning your plants will thin them out so your plants produce more while making your plant not as easy to spot.

Splitting your plants works as well, but it is more destructive to your plants. Choosing a site where there are a lot of mosquitoes, wasps or bees will keep intruders far away from your garden.

Some guerrilla growers build tree stands high in the canopy for plants to get a lot of light and to keep out of sight from hikers.

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