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If the area that you are guerrilla-growing cannabis in an area that does not have access to water, your crop can dry out and die quickly. If the area gets a good rain every one (1) to four (4) weeks then you might be okay.

When you are preparing your site to grow in an area that lacks water/rain, you will want to amend the soil mixture with a large amount of perlite, vermiculite, and other water-absorbing materials. Acceptable soils will hold about one (1) inch of water for every one (1) square foot of soil.

Insufficient watering will result in small buds being produced. In areas with drought cannabis growing conditions, it would be best to choose a sativa strain or hybrid.

Sativa plants develop larger, deeper root systems that allow them to better survive drought conditions. An easy and inexpensive way to feed and water your plants is to use a five-gallon bucket with a lid then drill out a 3/16 inch hole in the bottom that will slowly drip out water for your plants.

These buckets will usually last ten days during summer. Something to watch for in outdoor guerrilla grows when growing cannabis are born since they love water and will tear open anything containing water.

If you use chicken or cow manure in your soil bears will dig up your plants searching for the cow or chicken. If you are growing up in an area where you have access to water you can use a pump to transport it to your cannabis garden, but be careful of people in the area since the sound of pumps might set off alarms.


Planting & Maintenance Growing Cannabis

growing cannabis

By starting seeds and clones indoors you can speed up their growth process so they will be better ready for cannabis growing outdoors. Growing cannabis in rock-wool or soil-less growing cubes allows you to transplant them into a larger four-inch pot so they will be ready to go into your garden.

The goal of guerrilla-growing cannabis is to be able to have a harvest that is low-maintenance and productive. To achieve this growing cannabis, always prepare their plants indoors before planting outdoors by setting the garden to be as productive, efficient, and as pest-free as possible.

Keep in mind that planting your clones or seedlings deep into the ground will help to promote deep root systems which will help with drought conditions. Another crucial step in guerrilla cannabis growing is pest prevention.

As most growers do not have the time to hike to their garden every day, pest prevention will help you to have a better and more productive harvest while keeping the amount of work needed low.

Harvest Time After Growing Cannabis Outside

growing cannabis 1

You will want to harvest at the end of the season before cold, damp autumn weather sets in. Taking your crop down too late can create more fungus and mold issues along with plants that may die off due to the cold weather.

Cannabis plants can take a short and mild freeze, but if the levels are below freezing for more than a few hours your plants will die. Another factor that may play a part in harvest time can be law enforcement.

If you hear and see more law enforcement in the area you will either want to take your garden down early or let them take it if it is too much of a risk. Listening to police scanners and talking with people in your area will help know about activities going on in your area.

When you are going to harvest your guerrilla grow there are several items that you will need to make quick and easy. Depending on what time of the day or night you are going you may want to bring a flashlight with you to see your way.

Having a backpack or black trash bags will give you a case to carry your harvest in or you can carry it all by hand if you would like. By bringing a sharp pocket knife you can cut your plants down easily.

During the harvesting process, you will want to make sure that you have a believable story to present to someone should you be stopped when hiking, including your proximity to the garden should you be discovered. Keep your answers short, and to the point, and don’t let words slip.

If you see planes and helicopters flying overhead dive beneath a close bush and hide from sight. If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses do not look up in the sky since your glasses will reflect light and give your position away.

Extending Seasons Growing Cannabis Outdoors


When growing cannabis outdoors there are many ways that you can extend your growing season. The easiest and most cost-effective way to extend your season is to choose the best micro-climate growing area that provides the more light, heat, and wind-free area possible.

Areas with dark rocks can help to moderate temperature by soaking up the heat during the day and then releasing it in the evening when the day cools. Having your garden near a lake, pond or small creek will also help to moderate the air temperature around your garden.

You can also purchase products or make weather-extending systems. One way is as simple as placing a clear plastic container with a couple of holes over the plant, which can be done with plastic milk jugs or plastic containers.

Another way is to build cold frames or row tunnels made from corrugated fiberglass that cover your garden and protect them. You can also products to extend your gardening season like the Wall O’ Water, which is a double-walled container that surrounds small plants and is full of water that gathers heat during the day and releases the heat at night.

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