For those who have never tried cannabis, or others who are trying it again after quite some time, stepping into a dispensary can be an intimidating experience. Although visitors may have varied levels of understanding, one commonality they share is that they all expect to have their questions answered confidently and accurately by dispensary staff.

After all, the majority of current consumers and likely ones consider having staff with strong product knowledge one of the most critical features of a cannabis dispensary. This may feel like a big ask, but it’s worth fulfilling if you are a dispensary. The reality is that every second a customer spends confused or asking staff repetitive questions is time, money and credibility lost.

Moreover, as a dispensary owner, there are very valid concerns about the accuracy and consistency of the information being shared if/when answers are being given to these cannabis consumers. Your dispensary staff is human beings, not robots – so, how can you ease the constant stress around what advice they are dolling out, without breaking your back…or the bank?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be challenging, time-consuming, or boring to provide this education. Retailers long ago discovered that properly trained employees not only educate consumers but transform them into confident, repeat customers.

eLearning experiences enable employees to absorb information at their own pace, without any shame or awkwardness around what they want to learn about, through an eLearning solution they are comfortable with. This can help reduce anxiety while simultaneously extending the customer service reach of your on-site staff who are busy with transactions and other operational duties.

A self-guided, educational exploration isn’t solely beneficial to novice employees, either. But for employees, consistent software updates incorporate the latest research into training, which means employees can stay current with new information. Additionally, both groups can appreciate a more engaging educational experience, in the employee lounge or when the dispensary is slow.

With an eLearning solution, a dispensary icanproactively train employees on what they want them to know now, and in the future. The direction and evolution of the cannabis industry will continue to trend toward carefully considering compliance and regulation training, as well as the latest cannabis research.

The more educated an employee becomes about regulatory compliance, customer service, the variety of cannabis products and how those affect their body, etc the easier it becomes for customers to order. So, once employees are required to train on different topics, when they speak with consumers they become more educated and equipped with the information necessary to feel confident about their choices.

Training Technology to Propel Cannabis Industry

By providing up-to-date information and enhancing educational opportunities, dispensaries can engage directly with employee development, which allows them to customize their training experience and deliver better customer service.

The current reality is that people have different preferences or might need more steps to understand what exactly it is that they want or need. This is where both education and customer service come together to provide a personalized experience for the consumer.

Additionally, effective interactive eLearning provides an intuitive user interface, remote management, and robust tracking abilities. It also enables cannabis businesses to gather valuable data so they can tailor employee training based on the unique needs, activities, and performance of the dispensary staff.

Now armed with insight on who’s engaging with what content, a dispensary can ensure its efforts are entirely maximized as a result of these actionable insights. Analytics allow owners and staff to track feedback, understand their deficiencies, gauge the knowledge levels of the diverse staff, and be strategic with their upcoming training plans.

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