5 MAIN Reasons For Marijuana Growing Tents

marijuana growing tentIndoor marijuana growing tents permit you to make a great indoor environment for growing solid, healthy, and balanced marijuana plants. Grow tents are made with material that makes them able to be taken apart, unlike a sturdy, solid-built grow box.

They are an efficient use of space that makes effective use of both water and light. An indoor grow tent is a much better option for those who intend to be able to deconstruct/move their grow setup in the future, or for those that have a smaller budget.

Marijuana growing tents are also terrific for novice growers as they are easy to adjust and manage. Grow tents offer an ideal growth scenario for your plants since you can control the growing environment with tools such as filters and fans.

Tents can be found in a wide range of different dimensions that keep the costs down to set up your medical marijuana growing operation. And they will make your life simpler, if you need to raise your lighting or you want to exchange the lights you already have, a grow tent makes this very simple to do.

Grow tents have tons of space for high, healthy, and balanced plant growth and make it much easier for you to relocate/move it without causing damage to the marijuana plants. The clear plastic panels on the sides allow you to watch your plants without needing to open up the tent up whenever you want to check them.

The material used for the tent canvas is resilient and thick so it stands the test of time. In addition, grow tents are very light, so they can be moved effortlessly if needed.

Grow tents are safe and reduced maintenance for your marijuana grow, allowing for total automation so you can set up timers for lights, drip feeding, and watering. You can leave a grow tent alone safely for days without fear – you have complete control.


Why Use Grow Tent

marijuana grow tentSome people think to grow tents are a non-essential product for beginning an indoor garden. While it’s certainly possible to grow plants indoors without making use of one, grow tents provide several crucial benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you are growing fruits, veggies, flowers, or any other type of plant, utilizing a growing tent creates a more suitable environment. We’re going to reveal 5 reasons why you should make use of a grow tent for your indoor garden.

Reason #1 – More Energy Efficient

The first reason why you may want to utilize a grow tent is simply that it’s energy efficient.

Luckily, grow tents are designed with a focus on power performance, permitting you to maximize your gardening effort without damaging you financially.

Reason #2 – Reduces Odors

The tent’s enclosed design creates an integrated system with an air purification device, grow tents are proven to lower odors as well. And we all know that marijuana plants release a strong odor so roommates and/or next-door neighbors could dislike the strong odors originating from your indoor marijuana garden.

Fortunately, grow tents dramatically reduce the odor by trapping the odor inside of the tent and then filtering the air through their filtration system.

Reason #3 – Provides Fresh Ventilated Air

A growing tent also circulates air extremely well, which brings fresh air to your marijuana plants that contain the carbon dioxide (CO2) needed for strong, healthy growth. Grow tents are designed so you can use carbon-filter air purification devices.

The integrated system takes air from outside of the tent that brings the CO2 to the marijuana plants, and a carbon filter removes the odor from the air and disperses the scent-free air outside of the tent.

This is referred to as ‘negative pressure,’ and it’s shown to be unbelievably reliable at keeping the air inside a grow tent pressurized so no odors can be released or “leak out” while giving fresh CO2 to the garden.

Reason #4 – Reduces Pest Infestations

We cannot discuss the benefits of using a grow tent without discussing their ability to decrease the possibility of insect infestations. Aphids, flies and spider mites are just a few of the most typical insects that infest indoor gardens.

Grow tents safeguard plants from bugs such as these with their enclosed design. However, there’s always a chance that some can contaminate your garden, through unclean gardening practices, bringing in materials or plants from another location, or having pets running around your gardening area.

These can all be kept to a minimum or eliminated if proper precautions are taken when gardening and working with your marijuana plants.

Reason #5 – Best Use Of Lighting

marijuana growing tipsThe last reason you would want to use a grow tent is that they maximize and also reflect your lighting. Marijuana growing tents are lined with a reflective material that ensures 100% of your lighting is being used.

When the grow light is turned on, it reflects light back and forth on the wall surfaces to the plants, providing better lighting for your plants to grow.

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