10x Indoor Marijuana Growing Tip(s)

The reality is you can have success growing indoors with little effort using some basic marijuana growing tips as well as avoiding common mistakes.

Growing medical marijuana can be a fun and great experience if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it could be a “pain in the neck” and can be a very expensive “learning experience” if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are 10 straightforward marijuana-growing tips for someone new to indoor gardening.


1. Do Your Homework

Many times this step is overlooked and growing indoors can be the most difficult method to grow without natural sunlight. Before you start, get familiar with the basics of growing marijuana indoors. Read about cultivating indoors, how to design indoor grow rooms, the electricity needed for lighting and growing systems, along with many other aspects that will need to be considered.

Remember, on the Internet, you will always find answers to the same questions you currently have (it has been asked before) and it is full of information available at your fingertips.


2. Construct Indoor Growing Area

The indoor growing area or space (typically a basement) is the first consideration since it will dictate how you are going to set up your entire growing operation. This is the very first step, so do NOT start germinating your seeds or purchasing clones until your indoor grow room is fully set up and equipment installed.

If you are not carefully designing your indoor growing area then most likely you will encounter problems when you start growing (extreme heat, lack of ventilation, not enough electricity, etc.).


3. Vegetative and Flowering Areas

You will want to build 2 separate rooms, one area made specifically for flowering (12 hours of daylight/12 hours of nighttime) and a second area – normally smaller than the flowering area – for vegetative growth (18 hours of daylight/6-hours of nighttime).

By having a vegetative area, you will cut clones from a “mother” marijuana plant and/or germinate seeds. And it is in this area where the small marijuana seedlings from clones and/or seeds will grow into large plants (typically 3 – 4 feet tall).

As soon as you have finished harvesting and cleaned the flowering area, you will immediately move the large plants from the vegetative area into the flowering area to start the blooming process again.

Here’s an important marijuana growing tip: the most efficient indoor growing technique, if you can master it, is a crop rotation method between your two growing areas – the vegetative and flowering areas. If you can establish a crop rotation it will take less time between harvests since you will be growing plants growing tall in the vegetative area and blooming in the flowering area.


4. Use HID Lighting System

How much light do I need for my indoor grow?” is a question that first-time growers ask. Use a high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting system when growing indoors to replicate the sun and it is recommended to use 30 watts (at least) for every square foot of growing area.

This isn’t a marijuana growing tip, an HID lighting system is a requirement. And of course, the more light the larger your yield will be at harvest time

Here’s an example to help you decide the wattage to use: the natural sunlight is about 1,000 watts per square meter (95 watts per square foot) at sea level on the equator at solar noon. There is also a simple “rule of thumb” you can use as a general guide to determine how much light (wattage) you will need:

  • 1,000 watts: 6’ x 6’ area
  • 600 watts: 5’ x 5’ area
  • 400 watts: 4’ x 4’ area


5. Air Circulation and Ventilation

marijuana growing tipsWhen it comes to air circulation, you can never have enough of it and you need it for your marijuana plants to grow healthy. Air movement is an essential marijuana growing tip because it removes the hot, humid air; which aids in the prevention of bud mold and mildew on the leaves.

Good circulation will also provide your plants with fresh air that contains the carbon dioxide (CO2) they need to photosynthesize in your indoor grow room.

Here’s a key marijuana growing tip: you need to filter (ex. carbon filter) ALL of the air that leaves your indoor room to remove the odor of marijuana. And if possible, you will want to also filter the fresh air coming into the room to reduce pests (spider mites, aphids, etc.) from entering your growing area.


6. Stick with a Basic Growing Method

We recommend anyone new to growing indoors to start with soil and grow in containers (ALWAYS start growing inexpensively). A key marijuana growing tip is: start with some bags of organic soil and pots the first time you grow indoors – don’t use a fancy system.

This is easy, but an excellent strategy; you will want to grow using soil until you have enough experience to start trying out advanced growing systems.

Remember, you must learn the basics of growing marijuana and master those first before you consider using a high-tech growing method or advanced system (ex. hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.).

7. Use One Line of Nutrients

marijuana growing tip 1If you have recently been to a hydroponics or gardening store, you know that there are tons of different nutrition brands and various supplements to “feed” your medical marijuana. You will see different products claim that they will make your plants grow faster, yield bigger buds, and taste better.

The key marijuana growing tip here is to pick 1 brand and only use that brand’s line of nutrition. Most brands of nutrition have a complete line of nutrients designed for medical marijuana and will give you the best results possible.


8. Keep Your Grow Room Clean

As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” and this is another key marijuana growing tip. It is essential to keep the growing areas clean otherwise it will invite pests and may present a safety hazard, which could even result in an electrical fire that can burn your house down.

You will want to remove all of the dead foliage and throw them away (do it discreetly). Also, try to have a “gardening outfit” – a clean pair of shoes and garments – you could wear when working on your growth. Using simple preventative steps will reduce the likelihood of pests.

9. “Loose Lips, Sink Ships”

marijuana growing tipsIt can be difficult to maintain the confidentiality of your indoor grow room. Growing medical marijuana is a great experience and you may want to show it to some of your close friends.

This is an important marijuana growing tip…keep your mouth shut, and don’t tell anyone about any growth. People have a bad habit of talking. For every person, you trust to tell, expect them to tell 10 people that they trust enough to tell as well.


10. Use Excellent Genetics/Strains

Always use the best strain/genetic of marijuana that meets your medical needs. You need to decide if a certain genetic type of marijuana (sativa, indica, or hybrid) or if you know of a specific strain that you want.

If you want a hefty yield, then you will want to choose a strain known to be a large producer. Or if you need a particular kind of “high” or “stone”, then make sure you pick a strain that possesses those medicinal qualities.

This also goes back to # 1 – Do Your Homework. Make sure you do some research for your indoor grow area and follow these marijuana growing tips, and it will save you electricity, time, and money.

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