Industry Impact & Military Veteran Cannabis Training

After a career in the military, veterans are equipped with numerous skills that make them an easy hire for thousands of cannabis industry jobs. At first glance, many people assume (for whatever reason) that the cannabis industry might not seem like an ideal fit for veterans, but that is unfounded, and it’s shaping up to be a fruitful union.

(Our Military Veteran “Industry Impact Program”)

Serving in the military can come with its fair share of lasting challenges, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. A large percentage of veterans report struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, depression, anxiety, chronic pain or injury, and other debilitating conditions.

These are all ailments that cannabis has been reported to treat, many falling under the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis programs across the world, but the military’s stigma against the cannabis plant and industry may keep veterans from accessing it to use medicinally.

More and more veterans have turned to cannabis despite the risk of losing crucial Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits to HELP ease and manage their health symptoms. As veterans have delved further into the cannabis world, they’ve begun making cannabis more accepted and accessible.

Every military veteran knows that soldiers who go to war-torn countries, giving their military service to their country, there are repercussions to their health. PTSD is one condition that has plagued so many military personnel, and cannabis aid can be essential to get these soldiers better.

For most soldiers in the military, cannabis has not been a consideration or option for PTSD, only because there is no awareness, and because of the societal taboo that exists. In the military, the use of cannabis is prohibited and is normally grounds for instant DISMISSAL from the armed services.

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Our Industry Impact

Our message is a simple one: Cannabis saves lives, and veterans deserve full legal access, and we want to help!

Help us change the conversation about cannabis by referring your friends and family who are military veterans to join our Cannabis Industry Veteran Impact Program (click here) and help veterans to get started today.

Through support from programs like ours, it helps military veterans to better understand the transformative, life-saving value of cannabis and get their career started in the industry.

Prolonged military conflicts over the past years have exposed an aging and ineffective health care system, ill-prepared for the type and severity of the latest round of war-related injuries. Upwards of 20 percent of the 2.7 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The VA is not equipped to effectively or comprehensively treat the complexity of every veteran’s mental and physical wounds, leaving former service members to cope with limited and inadequate treatment options. Military veterans are often placated with “cocktails” of prescription drugs to help alleviate their mental and physical symptoms, including powerful and addictive opiates.

The current arrangement is not meeting veterans’ healthcare needs. In the most recent past, military veterans embraced the cannabis industry, but only with limitations to cannabis jobs and security. Now, many of them are receiving cannabis aid and becoming medical cannabis patients for PTSD.

Veterans who get jobs in the cannabis industry are gems to many business owners because they already have the military training to figure out obstacles and how to maneuver around them. However, cannabis training is still important to do a better job just like for non-military veterans.

We offer comprehensive military veteran industry training that will help them learn about cannabis to understand its use and its benefits as the armed forces do not support it. Veterans can be SAVED from anxiety and depression after getting out of the military as most have discovered medical cannabis.

(Check Out Our Military Veteran “Industry Impact Program” Made For Those Who Have Given)

“Cannabis as a Solution”

Cannabis is the best aid for men and women who have been in the armed services and were released from their military duties but did not receive any ongoing treatment for their anxiety and depression or other health issues.

Many of them suffer from serious Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and that is why you may find them “silently suffering.” Cannabis aid can provide the well-needed solution to relieving that kind of tension, making society safer from such terrible violence.

We believe our veterans can benefit greatly from cannabis, but the problem is getting them access to use it as medicine. This is where training veterans to grow cannabis is a great solution.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb

It’s no secret that many soldiers have found solace from military-related ailments with medical cannabis: everything from PTSD to slipped discs, to insomnia, have been eased with aid from the versatile plant. In fact, according to a recent study by American Legion, a vast majority of veterans support both cannabis legalization and further research pertaining to its medicinal benefits.

That kind of SUPPORT for cannabis extends past personal use and into the job market, where veterans are finding themselves increasingly more involved in the industry. This is one of the most direct translations of military skills is into the security sector in the cannabis industry.

There are many federal restrictions on the cannabis industry, leading to the reluctance of financial institutions to open accounts for cannabis-centric companies. This means that a plethora of cannabis companies rely on a strictly cash-only basis and veterans are aptly suited for those responsibilities.

This, in turn, leads to a demand for a security detail to convoy alongside both the product and the money. This demand has formed a RELIABLE network of security companies that hire hundreds of veterans to simply accompany shipments or outside of brick-and-mortar stores like armed guards.

There are amazing compassionate programs like Veterans Cannabis Project offering free cannabis to veterans in need, but these types of initiatives are in short supply. Even with dispensaries and growers giving discounts to those who served, we won’t be able to adequately address this problem.

The best solution is teaching veterans to grow cannabis for their own medical needs. We see the VALUE of home-grown initiatives and have discussed with veterans how they could easily grow their own cannabis plants with the right products and industry training that’s required to start working.

Teaching veterans to grow cannabis would sustain their needs for medicine as well as provide a hobby that’s beneficial to their health and well-being. Why aren’t we as a community doing this? We want to help lead the charge in veteran grown cannabis (see our military veterans “Industry Impact Program”).

We’re not talking about investing in and launching cannabis farms (though we’d certainly entertain the idea). Rather we want to FOSTER a community where veterans can learn how to provide for themselves. If we could gather a group of people who are willing to share their expertise and resources, then we could make a huge impact to make veterans’ everyday lives much better.

(Check Out Our Military Veteran “Industry Impact Program” Made For Those Who Have Given)

Cannabis Industry Support Groups

Are you interested in helping veterans to learn about the cannabis industry? There could be a day when veterans no longer have to wait or rely on others to ensure they have the medicine that brings them well-being. Teaching veterans to grow cannabis and providing them with resources is the best way to solve the problem.

We want to connect with individuals or companies in the cannabis industry who see the value in such a program as our Cannabis Industry Impact Program (click here) made specifically for military veterans. We have created a unique cooperative and platform that benefits this large community that has sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

We’re here to conduct online training and offer cannabis industry resources. The opportunities that we can help provide military veterans can be endless (we’re always publishing new training from our Platform Roadmap)! Of course, we want to do this within proper guidelines and government regulations where cannabis is legal, so our team of experts to ensure we stay in good standing. But starting such a military veteran cannabis growing initiative” shouldn’t be too difficult at all.

Many cannabis experts think that the communities where many of these veterans live should form support groups at cannabis dispensaries. This will give the affected soldiers new hope for treatment and healing, but education is key to learning what medical cannabis can do to those who suffer.

If you want to discover the real benefits of cannabis industry training for military veterans, go to our Industry Impact Program (click here) right now to check it out or refer and share with any military veteran you know. If you’re interested in getting involved in any capacity, please reach out via our contact form (click here).

(Check Out Our Military Veteran “Industry Impact Program” Made For Those Who Have Given)

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